About us

Who we are

Limited Liability Company “Aggregare” was founded in the 2010 after assessment of the market trends regarding the horticultural products and in response to the growing demand for organic products. As a result of green thinking spreading, people all over the world are increasingly committed to environmental purity, nature conservation and sustainable development in the future by choosing natural products.

The company’s mission is to develop natural, high-quality horticultural products with high added value from local resources using environmentally friendly technologies, and to export the products to the European and Asian countries.

The most popular product of “Aggregare” Ltd is the crushed and screened pine bark mulch available in 3 different fractions. This is a completely natural product of the local Class A pine, free from any chemical impurities. Pine bark mulch perfectly fulfils decorative functions and helps to fight weeds; moreover it contains a variety of useful minerals, which improves the soil, creating favourable conditions for growing plants.Currently, the company’s products are sold in Latvia, Germany, Russia; we successfully started negotiations about sales of the products in other European and Asian markets. We are proud and pleased that our pine bark mulch was named the best product in its category at regional horticultural trade fair in Germany; the company received the Riga Regional Business Development Incubator support, the LIAA support and co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund for export market promotion.

The company’s future plans include increase of high-value horticultural product mix by adding sapropel, sludge, and other helpful gardening and natural substrates and mixtures to already produced stock.

Our Advantages

Business of “Aggregare” Ltd. is based on the idea to develop the product, which being natural and organic would be the most efficient and cost effective at the same time. This can be achieved with a sound strategy for local resources management, with proper logistics and modern manufacturing technologies.Raw material for ”Aggregare” Ltd. produced pine bark mulch are delivered from the processing plants all over Latvia, and it is only Class A pine. Thereby, the excellent quality of mulch is ensured and unwanted wood chips impurity is provided.

Last but not least fact that the mulch manufactured by the company does not contain dyes and other chemicals – its great look is achieved by using high-quality raw materials, rather than the chemical industry achievements. Furthermore, in order to ensure constant product quality, the company’s product samples are from time to time analyzed in Laboratory of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry.The company has successfully participated in several international gardening trade fairs and successfully gains new export markets. “Aggregare” Ltd. products are popular and welcomed by gardeners, farmers and landscapers in Latvia, for example, by Saulkrasti Town Council, Sigulda Nature Paths, as well as in other European countries, such as Germany.