Medium Pine Bark Mulch (7-30mm) Grade 2

Medium mulch (7-30mm)

This is the most universal faction. The medium grind mulch is both aesthetically attractive, as it consists of individual, easily visible pieces of golden brown bark without admixture of chips, and effective – it densely covers the soil, thanks to the small size of the pieces of mulch, which allows them to fit tightly together, well retain moisture and temperature in the soil and decomposes more easily than coarse mulch. This type of mulch can be used on plants of any size and is perfect for perennial plantings.
The mulch is laid in a layer at least 5-7 cm thick, and it is supplemented by about 1 cm every year, as the mulch gradually decays, thus enriching the soil with humus.

Can be ordered unpackaged – bulk cargo!
Deliveries are made by whole pallets!

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Price per bag  3.20 15.20 + VAT